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Book Review: Namesake by Sue MacLeod

Updated: May 23, 2019

Canadian author Sue MacLeod tells the story of Jane Grey, a teenage girl who gets transported back in time to England, 1554. Here, she meets Lady Jane Grey, her namesake, and historical figure who was queen for only nine days. When modern Jane slips back in time, she gets to know her namesake whose life is threatened. Lady Jane Grey will face execution for her loyalty to the new faith when her cousin Mary and new Queen of England wants to reinstate Catholicism. Modern Jane makes it her purpose to try to save the girl who she considers a friend. Through the noisy, grimy streets of medieval London, modern Jane finds the solution within her grasp, but is constantly brought back to reality to find her own life in shambles.

I enjoyed how seamlessly modern Jane passes through time. A prayer book she found among her history textbooks brings her across time into England's past. The mix of modern and medieval English was a treat, and crafted so readers of all levels can understand. The universal theme of friendship is portrayed with charm through the loyalty these two girls possess. They both exhibit personal strength when each refuse to let others determine how they will live.

Historical fiction is not usually my genre of choice, but this story got me from the start. The characters are witty, smart, and relatable, no matter what time period you're from. I thoroughly enjoyed each Jane's adventure.

Check out the book trailer here.


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