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I Have to Write

Just a couple of notes

I write every day. Some writers keep a journal to write in every day, but to be honest, I find journaling about myself rather boring. I know the purpose is just to keep writing and exercise muscles and mind to keep it all limber. Still, writing about the dull details of my day feels like a waste. Like most people I talk to, my best ideas come to me in the shower where there is no one to interrupt my thoughts. The downside, of course is that I can't write or record any of them. And in the car? Same problem.

I've met writers who have all their ideas is a notebook, others on their laptop or other devices where they can record their voice. Me? I write down my ideas just about everywhere. Sticky notes are great because they don't take up much space, but I can stick them in my notebook when I get a chance. As a result, I have packs of sticky notes in almost every room in the house, even the bathroom. I do have an actual notebook. The same kind I had as a student in high school. Spiral lined notebook with 5 subject dividers. My brain doesn't have ideas for just one story at once. I wish I had as many ideas for what to make for supper tonight! I have a notebook in my school bag, a tiny one in my purse and I have a voice recorder at home for when my ideas come to me while I'm cooking and can't stop to put things down. When I decide to use one of these gem ideas I sit in front of my laptop with my notebooks filled with sticky notes and my voice recorder and I just start. Sometimes I can write for hours. Other times, just a few minutes, but I have to write. I've always had to write.

When I was a kid I would pick up the Sears or Canadian Tire catalogues and write in it. Sometimes I would pretend I was a teacher and make corrections to them, but usually, I would turn to the toy section and make speech bubbles for the children and their toys on the page. There was always a story somewhere. I wish I had kept those catalogues. Maybe I could have turned an idea into a film my children watch over and over.

When I look back now I realize writing was always necessary to me. My parents have a fireplace with a mantle in their basement. Family photos line the mantle still. There are also still my descriptions of the photos with an arrow pointing to each one written and drawn in wax crayon. Apparently there is no way to remove wax crayon from concrete. How dare someone place photos on a mantle without any words to describe them! Sometimes when I visit and go down to the basement, I have a good laugh and think, I just had to write!


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