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The Sunday Blues

It's past 9:00 on a Sunday night, and I feel it. The, "maybe it'll be a snow day tomorrow", or "Maybe time will stop" sort of feeling because tomorrow is Monday. Monday is pulling kids out of bed, rushing to get out the door, rushing back in because I've forgotten something, and rushing out again. Monday morning (okay, every morning) is hectic. I know you know what I'm feeling. No matter how much I enjoy being at work once I'm there, the time between right now and getting there is filled with blech. That's the sound dread makes in my head. She grunts a lot.

To top it all off, there's the laundry that's still sitting in the washing machine from this morning. Double blech. And on my laundry room wall, is a note my mom wrote me years ago, while I was in university.


I feel bad that you have to go to work today. You look a little tired and frustrated, but I'll have you know that I really admire your determination. You're a gutsy, will-powered, wonderful daughter, and don't you forget it! Have a great day, even if it's at work. Love you always,


I don't remember finding that note in my lunch, but I know that after fifteen years, I still get a boost when I read it, particularly on Sunday nights (and Monday mornings while I'm rushing back in to get forgotten objects).

Just before the holidays, one of my students gave me a gift along with a lovely card. What she wrote gives me the same great feeling as my mom's note. My student wrote:

Thank you for being such a good teacher. Anyone can see you truly love your're always dedicated and want the best for your students.

This earned her note a spot right next to my mom's. While Mom was being supportive, loving, and probably worried, my student's note was about gratitude. That's just enough to give me that extra pump in the morning to get my butt out of the house on time with no complaints.

Well, fewer complaints.

Have a great Monday!


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