Young Adult Contemporary

First published in Lunch Ticket.


Sarah is forced to choose between living at in her mom's house, where her aspirations are sucked away by her mom's compulsive  hoarding, or live with her mom's ex-husband. 


Magical Realism

First published in Montréal Writes

Ever feel your frustration and anger towards someone might take physical shape?  Adina can't control the things happening to her, but she can contain her anger.  Like a lot of people, she bottles is up, but when she lets it out, magical things happen.


Illustration by Andres Garzon

Messmer, Leonard Cohen, and a Baby


First published in Montréal Writes

In this piece, I describe my participation in a show given by Messmer, a hypnotist. I explain how I surprised myself by being one of the audience members who gets hypnotized by Messmer, and how that bizarre experience taught me about myself, my anxieties and how to keep them at bay.  


Illustration by Andres Garzon

So Close


First published for QWF Writes, the Quebec Writers' Federation Chronicling the Days Blog about living in Quarantine. The anthology is available here.

Stay Calm, Shut Up, and Write

An Article about Shut Up and Write Sessions offered by The Quebec Writers' Federation